We are especially sensitive to the requirements of editing on behalf of writers for whom English is not their first language.  Many of the editors who work with EditAction speak and/or write a second and third language, so they are particularly adept at understanding the nuances and intent of an English phrase what may be in need of editing and rephrasing.

EditAction encouraqges the client to seek a personalized approach to his or her needs.  Our basic services include the following:


We are prepared to assist authors for whom English is a second language.

Word for word checking and correcting

This entails spell checking; grammar checking; checking for typographical errors; current usage; correct meaning, overuse and suggested synonyms; and making any other suggestions and correction that will render the author's words more exact and make the intended meaning perfectly clear.


A paragraph conveys meaning both by its sentence construction and by its placement.  However, we at EditAction believe that paragraphs that are too long may lose the attention of the reader, the clarity of the communication, and the author's ultimate purpose.  EditAction editors may suggest reparagraphing and rearranging paragraphs to increase clarity of communication.

Special symbols, punctuation, and type faces

Often a text can benefit greatly by using special symbols such as bullets, numbering, and arrows to highlight particular sections.  Using italic type and bold type helps emphasize meaning.


Rewriting without changing the basic wording and meaning of a phrase or sentence is sometimes necessary.  Light rephrasing will usually be included in EditAction's basic rate package.  For extensive rewriting there is an additional charge.

Style guidelines

An author may request EditAction to use a standard style guide (e.g., Chicago, APA, MLA, and others).

  • Word for word checking and correcting
  • Paragraphing
  • Special symbols, punctuation, and type faces
  • Rewriting
  • Style guidelines